After Sales Service

Our commitment to quality service doesn't stop once you've placed the order.

Customer service

So you’ve had an idea for a product. We’ve helped you to source, develop and manufacture the product. It has been ordered, has arrived and is being sold, so what happens now?

Twinpeaks is here to help you with any customer enquiries or warranty claims that may arise. Should you wish to use our customer services option we have a toll free 1300 number that connects straight to our customer service team who are ready and willing to help with any questions your customers may have.

This number can be printed on the packaging of the product or within the warranty documentation as per your request. Toll free after sales service number: 1300 664 143.

End of year review

Twinpeaks are committed to ensuring that our customers are happy with the service and product they have received, and like receiving feedback in regards to how our customers feel we have helped them.

Following the end of your sales campaign, or once the first order of the product has been sold, we will follow up with our customers to find out how the sales of the product went. We will provide feedback regarding any warranty calls we may have received and will work with you to make any changes or improvements necessary.

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