Commitment to Quality Service

Customer reassurance

Customer service is a priority for Twinpeaks. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the product we have developed for you is in fact the product you have requested. To do this, Twinpeaks uses a variety of independent quality control companies such as HQTS and Intertech to provide a complete and detailed quality inspection report prior to shipment. These reports can be arranged prior to production, mid production, end of production or prior to shipment upon request. This is where our team in China assist us in providing peace of mind to our customers.

Quality assurance - factory inspection

For every new factory used, an initial inspection is done. It is during this inspection that our staff located in China will:

  • - Verify the factory’s existence
  • - Check core production competencies and capacity claims
  • - Ensure the integrity of the contact person is legitimate
  • - Ensure quality procedures are employed

This inspection includes a factory profile, review of production equipment and capacity, review of quality assurance systems and factory security.

Quality control - midproduction inspection

For every product sourced we perform a midproduction inspection. During this inspection our staff located in China will focus on the following:

  • - Check a sample for defects
  • - Find any production defects
  • - Suggest practical ways to rectify
  • - Inspect and detect quality
  • - Identify supplier weaknesses and rectify

Final inspection

The final or prior to shipment inspection can be organised for our customers upon request if they feel it is required.

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