Our Processes

1. Product development / product modification

We discuss product specifications and features with you. After gaining thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, we can arrange for product modifications to ensure that final product meets the client’s specific expectations for their target market.

2. Sourcing

We have an extensive database of approved and professional suppliers who are all experts in their fields. We only cooperate with suppliers who comply with our strict high standards of quality, workmanship and reliability. For each project, we will select a number of suitable suppliers and will proceed to obtain detailed quotations with exact specifications, packaging methods and associated costing. We will also investigate any certifications that may be relevant for any given product and ensure that the product will have the required compliance.

3. Sampling

Samples of the product will be sent to us from our selected suppliers. We check this sample thoroughly to ensure that it is in line with all specifications that have been provided. Any differences will be noted and clarified with supplier.

Once we are satisfied that the product meets your requirements, we will send the sample for your review. Any modifications you require can be arranged at this stage and an updated sample can be resent if needed.

4. Packaging design

Our team of graphic designers work with you to develop the packaging style, colour schemes and layout. We will supply professional product photography for use in packaging and any manuals included.

During this process, we will also make sure that the packaging method is suitable for this product and ensure product will arrive to you without damage and packaging will display attractively in your stores.

5. Test reports / Certification

Our team in China will perform Quality Assurance tests of the manufacturing facility prior to production of your product.

Depending on the product, certain certifications or approvals may be required to satisfy regulations. These will be arranged for you, along with any test reports that may be relevant.

6. Production (Packing)

During the production process, our team in China will regularly liaise with factory and track the production schedule. Factory will commence manufacturing of the product and packaging.

7. Due Diligence (Pre-Production Sample)

Pre-production samples are provided and checked to ascertain that both product and packaging meets our high standards and expectations.

This pre-production sample is then sent to you for your review and confirmation.

In the unlikely event that any issues are identified, we will promptly address and rectify the matter.

8. Quality Control

Prior to shipping, we commission Third Party Quality Inspection to be carried out at the production facility.

This inspection will identify any discrepancies and issues found in the product or in the packaging.

We receive a formal inspection report addressing all areas of the order.

The order will be approved for shipping only after we review this inspection report and find the result satisfactory.


9. Logistics

We can deliver your order on FOB or DDP terms, depending on your preference.

If you prefer FOB delivery, we will organise the order to be delivered to your desired Container Freight Station.

If you require DDP delivery, our logistics team will arrange for shipping and transportation to your warehouse. We will deliver your order palletised appropriately.

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